IPM 2009

FALL 2009

Temiskaming IPM a Huge Success

Darlene Bowen and Bob Norris

The first ever International Plowing Match held in Northern Ontario thrilled organizers when 80,000 visitors passed through the gates during the five day event. Before

opening even arrived, a record 2100 RV sites were full to overflowing with RV’s and motor homes of every size and description from all over Canada and Northern USA . In addition to being the first fully bilingual IPM, this was the first event not administered by a regional government. It was instead; a board of volunteers made up of both Agri business and commercial business people who had the foresight to envision the opportunities possible from hosting this international event. While there was no government infrastructure in the organization, the event brought together the district of Nipissing, Temiskaming, Cochrane and Abitibi – Temiscamgueina collaboration to showcase and promote the lifestyle and culture of Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Quebec.

The army of volunteers numbered 1500 from all walks of life. The board of directors cannot thank everyone enough for the spirit, commitment and pride shown by volunteers from across the north and around the province as we put our best foot forward to display the north as we opened our doors to everyone who visited.

One of the constant remarks from those attending was the strong organization and positive attitude of our volunteers. There was no question that our volunteers lived by and delivered our motto of “A warm welcome awaits”. We again want to thank the farmers and farm organization from across Northern Ontario for their support and contribution towards the feeding our volunteer army.

Attendance at the IPM 2009 created startling realizations for many people. We heard from hundreds of visitors who came over the hill at New Liskeard that they had no concept of what agricultural industry lay before them. Many of these were first time visitors, others were folks who had not been north for 25 years and they could not believe the development that has transpired in the interim. All in all the IPM 2009 accomplished its mission of showcasing Northern Ontario to the rest of the world.


FALL 2009

International Plowing Match

Kelly Bird– NEOSCIA intern

On a gray and cloudy Wednesday September morning,at approximately 8:20 A.M., I was one hundred and fifty feet above the ground, hovering in the sky, harnessed onto the Hyrdo One Bronto Arm looking over the 2009 International Plowing Match held in Temiskaming. As I glanced over the vast area of landscaped terrain, the air was covered with massive wedding size tents, over two thousand motor homes, farm equipment, livestock and a variety of antiques, I came to realize how massive the IPM is, and more importantly, how significant the IPM was to Northern Ontario.

The International Plowing Match is not just a plowing competition, it is a cultural and community event, bringing friends and family together, that often only come together for the one week the IPM is held every year. Specifically, the Temiskaming IPM, brought eighty thousand visitors from all over Ontario, Quebec, and the Northern States. Personally,I met countless people from the Kitchener, Orangeville,and London area, who have never been farther north then North Bay. They were in awe over the flat land, rich soil and beauty of the Temiskaming area, the main comment being “It looks just like down south. Who knew?”

The International Plowing Match, is also a time to reminisce and partake in an activity I recently have come across, that I refer to as “Farmer Talk”. I met many people who grew up in the North and moved to southern areas of Ontario and just happened to take their holiday the exact week of the IPM. In addition, I heard countless beautiful stories about being a farmer, owning a farm, growing up on a farm, and although being a farmer is challenging and requires a great amount of time, the joy it brought to their lives is unforgettable.

Though I spent the majority of the five days in the NEOSCIA booth, I had some time to check out the IPM grounds. My personal highlights from the 2009 IPM, were the square dancing antique Massey tractors, Tiny the thirty-four thousand pound Steer ( I was told not to call it a cow), the piglets in the educational tent, and the quilt tent. As well as the mini horses, milking “Maple” the Northern Cow, the antique cars, the antique steam operated equipment and it must be mentioned, two dollar, two scoop, moose track, ice cream cones in the dairy food tent. To be honest, the list could go on and on, however, the IPM offered so much to see, and I did not have enough time to see it all.

My favourite antique car, had to be the Austin 1931 Saloon, blue in color, and comes with a sun roof, it is owned by Marcel And Sylvie Corriveau in North Bay. It is important to note, that the Austin cars appear to be always made very small. I also had the opportunity to assist in the operation of 1922 Chalifoux, steam operated Drag Saw. The saw is owned by Andrea Boileau.

Overall, the Temiskaming 2009 International Plowing Match wasa true reflection of the North; warm and friendly people, environment and atmosphere. The three years of planning by far paid off; the IPM surpassed all my expectations and thousands of others. It was a fabulous bilingual event and will hopefully bring back visitors from the south and all over Canada to further explore what Northern Ontario has to offer in agriculture, mining, forestry and tourism.


Agricultural Organizations are Strong Supporters of

the IPM 2009

Temiskaming Federation of Agriculture is proud to be a “Friends of the Match” sponsor. They have committed $5,000 to assist with feeding the volunteers at the IPM 2009. In doing so, they issued a challenge to other agricultural commodity orgainzations across the north to assist them. To date, more than 15 other groups have joined the TFA in their quest to ensure the volunteers at the IPM 2009 will be well taken care of.

It is important to recognize that TFA is not just providing financial support but a strong volunteer base as well. John Vanthof & Norm Koch are Board Members, Charles and Carol Anne Regele are co chairs of the Tractor Park committee, Yves Gauthier is the chair of the Traffic Committee, Cilff Fielder is on the tractor Park committee, Brian Brownlee on the sponsorship committee, Kevin Pratt is in charge of tractors procurement for the wagon tours and Harold Leaton sits on the RV Park committee. Thank You TFA!

The Temiskaming International Plowing Match will open its gates in just one short month and it is being held right here in Northern Ontario. The tented city design is finalized, the RV Park is 60% booked, the entertainment and attractions are programmed and volunteers are signing on to help make the event is a rip roaring success. Part of the overall mandate of the project was to ensure that the 1200 volunteers who take on this project will be fed, watered and appreciated in true northern style. In early 2008 the IPM sponsorship committee approached the Temiskaming Federation with the idea of the TFA assisting with the costs of taking care of our volunteers. This would include lunches and snacks, rest areas and of course coffee……. lots of coffee. The Federation was quick to support the idea and made a $5,000 contribution to the “Feed the Volunteers” Initiative. In late November of 2008 the sponsorship committee made a wise decision to reach out to the rest of the agricultural community in Temiskaming and across Northeastern Ontario to see if they would be interested in joining the TFA in support of the volunteers.

A letter of request was sent to over 30 commodity organizations, agricultural societies and federations across the North. The response was both swift and sweet.

Between November 2008 and May 2009 15 organizations have offered support to the volunteers. Many of the cheques that arrived contained notes or a letter stating support for the IPM and that the farmers in their area were planning to attend. Each cheque and every note confirmed and encouraged our commitment to stage the IPM in North Eastern Ontario. Listed below are the organizations that have supported the IPM to date, but envelopes are still arriving on a weekly basis.

Algoma Feeder Co-operative Ltd., Algoma Milk Producers, Cochrane South Veterinary Services Committee, Concours de Labour du Temiskaming Plowing Match, East Nipissing Parry Sound Federation of Agriculture, Manitoulin Farmers Market Association, Manitoulin-North Shore Federation of Agriculture, New Liskeard Agricultural Society, Northern Cattle Sales Network, Porquis Agricultural Society,Sudbury West Nipissing Cattlemen’s Association, Sudbury Soil & Crop Improvement Association, Temiskaming Cattlemen’s Association, Temiskaming Crops Coalition, Temiskaming Federation of Agriculture, West Nipissing Soil and Crop Association.

Some of the agriculturally based support has opted to sponsor a tractor, a wagon or are providing equipment and required items, but the majority has agreed to feed the volunteers.

All of our supporters are listed in the local paper – The Temiskaming Speaker and we receive many positive comments on our agricultural support base from across the North.

As we move closer to the Match, the entertainment line up is being refined and the programming of attractions has been set. The music and stage entertainment will be posted on the website by June 10, 2009 and you can check it out at http://www.ipm2009.net.

Some of our major attractions include:

Renfrew County Square Dancing Tractor Troupe – Join us to watch as 8 antique tractors driven by 4 ladies and 4 men provide a high octane and very entertaining square dancing show from Thursday to Saturday in the Antique and Historical section.

Carson Farms & Auctions 6 Horse Hitch -Stabled on site and hitched and harnessedeach day for visitors to watch and enjoy, this amazing team will be center stage each day in the show ring corral and will participate in the parades on Tuesday and Saturday.

Canadian Cow Girls – Watch as this precision drill team perform many routines for your entertainment. Dressed in dazzling outfits of red and white, this group will provide daily shows in the show ring corral and will do walk-a-bouts for the enjoyment of everyone.

Music, Music and More Music – Come enjoy five stages of entertainment, operating from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Enjoy local and regional talent from across the north, over 80 groups, troupes and single entertainers have signed on to entertain our visitors.

Country Living – Enter the country living section and enjoy all the comforts of home. Visit the horticulture tent where Northern horticultural societies will be offering daily presentations and then take in the Quilt Tent to view the contest winners from the Quilt show plus the winning entries from the Quilt Block Challenge. Next you can tour the Artisan Tent where more than 50 Northern Artisans will be selling their wares. Have a seat in the theatre tent and enjoy the hourly demonstrations on subjects ranging from healthy eating to line dancing. Treat yourself to a little rest, relaxation, some refreshments and a homemade dessert in the tea tent – appropriately named the “Sit and Sip”.

Antiques Anyone? – Spend some time in the antique and historical tents where you will get a chance to learn about our northern history and more than 30 museums have been invited to help us provide the opportunity. Outside you will be invited to walk through the exhibits of antique farming, mining and forestry equipment. Enjoy the antique tractor pulls which start on Thursday of Match week.

With all this and much more scheduled to happen in the tented city during the IPM week of September 22-26, 2009, please join us – “A Warm Welcome Awaits”.

FALL 2008

IPM 2009 Shows Off at the IPM 2008

The 2009 Temiskaming International Plowing Match was front and center at the IPM 2008 in Teeswater this past week. More than 100 volunteers spent the entire week manning the information booth, selling souvenirs or booking RV sites . Many spent time touring the match, taking pictures and meeting with the organizers of IPM 2008 to ensure there was a complete record of everything that needs to be done for next year.

The week started in true IPM style… with lots of mud. When we arrived on Sunday many of our volunteers discovered that the RV Park was closed due to… you guessed it… mud! Hundreds of trailers were in the holding area and others were being rerouted to local quarries, the arena and anywhere else they could find parking spots.Our group was unfazed by the problems, but quickly realized that we needed to have a very strong Plan “B” incase a hurricane should blow into Temiskaming as it did in Bruce County.

On Monday morning the truck and trailer carrying all of our literature and souvenirs had to be towed into the match, only to find that our tent had no walls and a very muddy floor. By noon we the walls were up and by 5 o’clock we had the booth set up and everything ready for opening day on Tuesday morning.

Opening day brought sunny skies and by late afternoon the mud was a distant memory, never to be seen again for theduration of IPM 2008.

Over the course of five days we sold souvenirs and handed out information to visitors from across Canada and the United States. Attendance at the Match reached 84,000 and we had a good chance to invite many of them to Northern Ontario in 2009. We were located in the TriCounty Tent, along with the 2010 host – Elgin County and the 2011 host – the amalgamated Counties of Prescott Russell.

Everyone we met were excited about attending the Match in Temiskaming and many are planning to holiday here before and after the match to enjoy the many attractions of Northern Ontario.

If you are planning to book an RV spot for 2009 in our 2500 site RV Park, please call 705-647-6380 and speak with the RV registration.


Temiskaming IPM 2009 Update

May 2007 marks one year since we received the news that Temiskaming would indeed be the 2009 host of the International Plowing Match. In that one short year we have accomplished a great deal, but the best is yet to come.

On June 26th 2007 the Temiskaming IPM 2009 will host the official launch. The event will be held in the southwest corner of Ferme Rivadale’s alfalfa field which borders

on Hwy. 11 and Gravel Road. Lunch will be served featuring Northern Ontario Golden Beef and Thornloe Cheese and should the weather prove to be too wet or windy, the launch will be moved to the Earlton Community Center to ensure drier conditions. Watch for more information on this very exciting event.

The Souvenir Cookbook is being created by a local committee of good cooks. IT will be ready for sale by the fall, in time for gift giving at Christmas 2007.

New Liskeard Agricultural Society has graciously donated space to the Temiskaming IPM 2009 at the Fall Fair 2007. Watch for our booth and come out and support our fundraising initiatives.

The Horse Show Commit tee of the Temiskaming IPM 2009 will be creating a calendar for 2008 with full colour pictures of local draft horse teams & hitches. Each page will highlight draft horse owners from our area. These calendars will be available for sale as a fundraiser for the IPM 2009.

Our logo is almost ready!! By the next update, we will be showcasing the logo and starting to use it as our identifying brand for the Temiskaming IPM 2009. Our Board of Directors has changed! Unfortunately, Fred Deacon decided to step down because of other commitments within the community, but he will remain as a special assistant to the Chairman during the Match in 2009. Stepping in to take over Volunteers, Gates and Information Booths is Alvin Willard. Welcome to the Board Alvin.

The Executive has been touring northeastern Ontario making presentations to Municipal Councils to educate and inform them on the Upcoming Temiskaming IPM 2009. The reception has been warm and welcoming and the support has been excellent. The communities from North Bay to Hearst are excited about the opportunity to shine at the Temiskaming IPM 2009.

Watch for more updates on the IPM 2009 in the next Breaking Ground.


Temiskaming IPM 2009 Update

The International Plowing Match is being held in Temiskaming in 2009. Plans are underway to ensure that this will offer a realistic portrait of life in northern Ontario. It was a unanimous decision of the organizing committee to include the mining and forestry industries in addition to agriculture. Temiskaming IPM 2009 will showcase the north and ensure our visitors have an opportunity to realize what we have to offer across Northeastern Ontario, not just in Temiskaming.

The IPM Board held its first volunteer recruitment meeting in January 2007 and the local support was overwhelming. More than 200 people filled the Dymond Hall to learn more about the 30 committees that work together to create a successful plowing match. A short PowerPoint presentation showcased the committees, potential volunteers were invited to meet the Chairs of the committees they were interested in. More than 150 volunteers filled out volunteer forms at that meeting. If you are interested in serving on any of the committees listed below, please contact the committee chair or an executive member for more information. The Temiskaming IPM 2009 Executive will attend council meetings across the Northeast over the next two months to bring municipalities up to date on the progress of the match.

The Temiskaming IPM 2009 office is located upstairs at the Dymond Fire Hall:

Temiskaming IPM 2009

181 Drive In Theatre Road.

New Liskeard ON P0J 1P0

Phone – 705-647-6910

Fax – 705-647-4310

Email – bowen@parolink.net

Darlene Bowen, Temiskaming Agricultural Projects Manager will be working on this project as the IPM coordinator.She will be managing the day to day administration of the Temiskaming IPM 2009. Her job will include working closely with the Board of Directors and providing administration and clerical assistance to the individual Committees. Darlene is not in the office on a full time basis, but can be reached by phone or email at any time during the day at the IPM office phone number. Plans for the match are starting to take shape. In the future months, we will begin fundraising, hold an official launch, and erect signage to advertise the match. Watch for our next update in Breaking Ground as we keep you posted on the happenings of the Temiskaming IPM 2009.

FALL 2006

International Plowing Match Update

Darlene Bowen– IPM 2009 Secretary

Temiskaming is set to host the International Plowing Match in 2009. The chosen location is Rivadale Farms, situated northeast of Earlton.

As plans for the IPM move forward, “Breaking Ground” will provide timely updates. The Chairman for the 2009 Temiskaming Match is Carman Kidd, Vice Chair is Albert Gauthier, the secretary position has been filled by Darlene Bowen, and the Treasurer is Bob Norris. Rounding out the executive committee are members, Sean Mackey, Norm Koch, Francois and Yolande Rivard, Sharron Graydon, Anne Marie Loranger and the Ontario Plowmen’s Association Provincial Director for Temiskaming, Roch Loranger.

Many of the executive had the opportunity to visit the IPM 2006 in Peterborough Ontario. It is the start of the learning curve for Temiskaming. Although rain was a problem on two days of the Peterborough match, attendance was still estimated at 70,000 for the five day event.

Over 40 committees will be set up to manage the organization of the local match, and meetings throughout the district will be held to keep the communities of Temiskaming up to date on the IPM progress. Committees and their executive liaison are as follows.

Carman Kidd

Antiques & Historical, IPM Coordinator, Gates, Information and Passports

Albert Gauthier

Water and Communications, Exhibitor Services, Supplies and Materials, Francophone spokesman

Darlene Bowen

Show/Ring Corral, Sanitation, Bands & Parade, Education

Bob Norris

Grants and Sponsorship, Volunteer Management, OPA Exhibitors, Fundraising, Media Releases

Anne Marie Loranger

Lifestyles, Cookbook, Horticulture, Beautification, Artisans, Tea Room

Roch Loranger

Health and Safety, Security, Land Use Committee, Tractor Park, Horse Plowing

Sharron Graydon

Queen of the Furrow, Entertainment, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Bands and Parades, Lounge Area, Awards Banquet, Sound and Seating

Norm Koch

Traffic Committee, Land use Committee, Parking, Traffic Control, Internal Transportation, Transportation Committee, ChurchService, Exterior Tours, Handicap

Sean Mackey

Accommodations, RV Park, Marketing and Promotions

Frank Rivard

Land Use committee


Temiskaming District will Host the 2009 International

Plowing Match

The District of Temiskaming is gearing up to host the 2009 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo. The chosen site is Rivadale Farms, owned by Frank & Yolande Rivard. Frank and his sons Eric and Alec are dairy farmers, milking 130 cows and cropping 1000 acres on their farm just outside the village of Earlton. The fertile fields of the Rivadale farms will be converted to a tented city, RV park and Plowing competition for five days in September 2009. The “match” will showcase agriculture in the Temiskaming district and the northeast region to thousands of visitors from throughout North America.

In May 2006 local agricultural leaders and the Temiskaming Plowing Match Executive hosted a delegation from the Ontario Plowmen’s Association for a two day visit. Two meetings were held in the Temiskaming Shores area, one for the stakeholders and funding partners and a second meeting for the community to come out and see what the plowing match is all about. Possible sites for the match were chosen and the Ontario Plowmen’s Executive toured the sitesand chose the most appropriate location for the Match.

“The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is truly a unique event”, explains Cathy Lasby, Assistant General Manager and Exhibits Co-coordinator for the Ontario Plowman’s Association.“The IPM is an economic developmentengine for rural communities. The influence of the IPM to the communities in terms of leadership development and financial gain can be extraordinary.

The Concours du Labour du Temiskaming Plowing Match will be working closely with the local stakeholder group to provide assistance and guidance as the match is being organized. Local Dairy farmer Roch Loranger will assume the position of provincial director as representation on the province wide Ontario Plowmen’s Board of Directors.

So mark the third week in September 2009 on your calendar and plan to at tend the plowing match in Temiskaming, right in your own back Yard!


Rivadale Farms located on the north-east corner of Earlton is ideally situated for access to the Plowing Match. It is only 1 km from “downtown” Earlton, is bordered by the Ontario Northland Rail system (direct daily access to Toronto), and is bordered on 2 sides by Highway #11. In addation, Earlton Airport, a fully functional operation that can handle a small jet aircraft is only 2 kms away. This may be the most accessible plowing match to be held in the history of this event!



François Rivard,discusses some of the innovations in his family dairy operation’s new barn with Albert Gauthier.

The new barn, completed last fall after a disastrous fire at Armstrong Township’s Ferme Rivadale, features more automation and is now home to an expanded 130-head milking herd. Mr Rivard will be the HOST at the 2009 International Plowing Match in Temiskaming.

The tour was part of Journée Agricole Francophone, organized by the Groupement de Gestion Agricole du Témiskaming and involving a host of service clubs and farm organizations and agencies.


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