Researcher Spotlight


Researcher Spotlight: Graeme Spiers

Kelly Bird–NEOSCIA intern

The NEOSCIA summer tour will be taking place in Sudbury district, thus for this issue of Breaking Ground we will be highlighting Dr. Graeme Spiers. He is a professor at Laurentian University (Sudbury), and if you have not already met him, he someone who you will most likely bump into on the tour; he is a hard man to miss.

Dr. Graeme Spiers acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Earth Sciences and Botany from the University of Waikato inNew Zealand. His Master of Science and PhD were obtained at the University of Alberta with a focus on Pedology, Clay Mineralogy and Chemistry. He has worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Guelph and has worked on numerous consulting projects across Western Canada. Dr. Graeme Spiers is associated with research programs at the Universities Waterloo, Alberta, Laurentian, Guelph and New Brunswick. He has had one hundred publications, and thirty of them being journal papers.

He is also the Chair of Environmental Monitoring at Laurentian and is the Director for the Centre for Environmental Monitoring with MIRARCO. His focus at MIRARCO is on the following “1. Remote environmental monitoring technology development, 2.Environmental chemistry and 3. Stressed ecosystem rehabilitation and Aquatic system quality control.”


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