NLCAT Aggies to meet in New Liskeard in 2014, 20 years after the closing of the Agricultural College

1 Jan

NLCAT  Aggies 1984 Yearbook CoverIn April 1994, the New Liskeard College of Agricultural Technology (NLCAT) closed its doors and eventually became the New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station (NLARS). About 800 students graduated from NLCAT between 1966 and 1994. A Facebook group, the NLCAT Aggies, was created a couple of years ago. It currently has 155 members who live all over Canada and beyond.

Back in April 2013, the Facebook group remembered “Black Friday” in 1993, twenty years ago, the day of the announcement that NLCAT would close a year later, in 1994. Discussions began online about a week-end reunion for all students and staff of the former NLCAT. This reunion is to mark 20 years since the College, as we knew it, closed.

The reunion will be held during the weekend of August 15-17, 2014. The draft agenda includes a welcoming reception on Friday night, a tour of NLARS (New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station) on Saturday, a Banquet on Saturday night and a closing brunch on Sunday morning.Also being considered as an option is the “Foire Gourmande” in Ville-Marie on Saturday.

This is a once in a lifetime homecoming opportunity for everyone to meet again and reminisce about their years spent at the College and to meet alumni from their class as well as from other classes and staff. This is also a great opportunity to bring along families with who to share those memories of the years at NLCAT. The biggest challenge is to locate all students and staff who were at NLCAT over the years.

We are asking anyone who knows NLCAT alumni and staff to make sure to let them know about this reunion. NLCAT alumni can either join the NLCAT Facebook group or contact JD Methot ( to provide their coordinates. Reunion details will be posted on Facebook and sent to everyone who provided their coordinates once the plans are finalized.

Join the NLCAT Aggies – New Liskeard College of Agricultural Technology  Group at


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